Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome to der family : der Pacemaker #23 (PM23)

I am glad that Captain Ronnie accepts me to Pacemaker Malaysia and become one of the members of this elite running group.

I have never ever thought about running until I turned 42. During the review of annual medical checkup, I got shock to see so many stars in my report (many parameters were out of recommended range). I really felt that I need to do something. At that time, I was weighted about 92 KG, wearing pants with 36” waist length. I have signed up a fitness program at a gym in PJ. Later on, I felt so bored because I got no friends to exercise with me there. Later I joined my colleagues running around the lake at Taman TTDI every Wednesday for just two to three loops only (2 to 3 KM). At the start, this had already been a tall order for me and gradually after a month, I could run up to five loops, what a great achievement for me!

The first race I had signed up was PJ Half marathon 10KM category in 2011. It took me about 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish. Sure it was not easy. Later I found out that there was running clinic every Saturday morning at Lake Garden to prepare new runners for the first Multi Purpose Insurance 10KM run. With this training and also later joining TPRC’s weekend LSD run, slowly I had completed my first 12KM run(Malakoff 2011); first 15KM (2XU Singapore 2012); first HM (Brooks HM 2012) and finally here came my first full marathon in June 2012 SCKLM.

From June 2012 till now, I have completed 31 FM and Ultra marathons, also a lot of short distance runs. The number is still increasing. Through running, it doesn’t just improve my health and fitness---I have reduced my weight to 78kg and can wear M size shirt and waist 34” jean now; mentally I have improved a lot on self discipline, endurance and more importantly, I would be more positively and proactively handle pressure and stress in work place.

I has joined Pacemaker group as a friend since two years ago, I have been hoping one day I could become the member with that special number assigned. Now it is dream comes true for me. Being a member of Pacemaker, I feel prestigious and honored. Definitely there are also coming with great responsibilities. I know what I should do and what I should not do and will never disgrace the name of Pacemaker.

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Joshua Lin Lu @ PM23

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