Saturday, December 19, 2015

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #61 (PM61)

Name: Tang Chai Ling, Angel
Height: 157cm
Weight: 44kg
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur

I started running competitively when I was in secondary school. Back then, I was running in all available categories from 100m all the way to 1500m. On top of that, I was also a member of the relay team for all distances. I do not excel or focus in a particular distance as I simply enjoy running. As a result of participation and achievement in running, I was voted as the best sportswomen throughout my secondary school years.

While pursing my higher education, I stopped running entirely due to the busy schedule and lack of opportunity to participate. After graduating, hectic work schedule make it even harder to start running again. During this hiatus, I took up a few outdoor activities. In 2010, I mainly focus on hiking as my only workout as there is no need for training and normally go for hiking in the weekend. After that, in 2011, I started to take up scuba diving as well.

Gradually, I had to stop hiking due to injury to my knee. The injury was quite serious and still continues to trouble me from time to time now. As for scuba diving, I still dive but it is not something I can do too often as it quite expensive and require me to take a lot of annual leave. Work commitments mean that I can’t be diving frequently. Hence, I need to start looking for alternative workout. Roughly around late 2011, I started to rekindle my passion for running back when my friend encouraged me to start running again by registering for a 12km run. From the first run, there was no turning back. I could not stop running and was looking forward for my next run. By the end of 2012, I have already completed my first full marathon at Sundown Singapore.

I don’t really have a training schedule or routine. I run whenever I can and feel like running. Basically, if weather permits it, I would try to run every day and complete 1 LSD session over the weekend if there isn’t any running event in the weekend.Unfortunately, due to my hectic work schedule, I never been able to run every day and atmost only manage 2 -3 training session in a week. Apart from that, if opportunity arises and time permits it, I will join training session organize by running group (eg Puma Running Club).

I love running because it allows me to detach myself from the hectic and stressful world. Whenever I start running, I am able to immerse myself into my own little world where I can clear my mind and focus on myself. It rejuvenates my mental state even though after every run I am physical exhausted. On top of that, I like pushing and challenging the limit and running provide a good opportunity to compete with myself and others. Apart from that, I also enjoy meeting various individual in the running world. I enjoy listening and sharing our running experience with others.

My Personal Best
10km - 46:55
21km - 1:42:51
42km - 3:55:57
50km - 6:05:24

Long Term Goals In Running

At the moment, I hope that I will be able to complete my first 100km in the near future.

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