Saturday, December 19, 2015

Welcome to der Family : der Pacemakers #57 (PM57)

Very big thanks to Ronnie for inviting me to join the Pacemakers Malaysia Team. I still feel i am new bird for running compare with my hardcore running buddy.

Why I join Running?
Actually i don't really join any sport activity when i was young, until age 16 (1996).. i dun want to join my school "step operation"??? in sports competition i just try to join 1500m run. I was so worry that I might be the last runner in school sports competition, so die die must go jogging every morning. 1997-1998 ,i start to enjoy running life...always easy run also can fight for my school sport team.

                                                        My first running medal..

After finish my high school ,i totally stop running..

When join Running again?
After stop running for 12years long (1998-2010), one day my ex class mate who came back from taiwan asked me to join the shah alam charity run (forgot is 7 or 8km). I just decided to give it a try to use my high school pace if I still able to run like before or not... But just a few km is almost spit white foam... I know my era is gone.

Hiking Life..
Hiking From 2010-2012, average 3month join one running event..Almost everyweek hiking and sometime join camping too

Why Continues Run?
2013, i still very very confused with my running posture,confused in between barefoot or wear shoe, confused with my running goal .. fun run or push like no tomorrow? Even in this year sometime I still try to barefoot run, sometime is fun run and be a camera men together..


2014, i hope can cut down short distance race only focus FM and try Ultra marathon..
Lucky i done my first sub4 goal in FM and complete my first ultra marathon 100km


Malaysia local FM become lesser coz this yr SCKLM and BSN also cancel due to haze...
Nowadays, I just try to push myself in 10KM, 12KM, HM race... I wish to see what is my limit in terms of pace & timing...


But in my mind, Running is always because of health, not really about timing... if can get PB or podium is just an extra bonus~ I really that Hope that I can keep running until age 80! XD

Best regards,

Brought 2u by Lee Teck Wai @ PM57

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